Electric vehicle, PSU-AIS joint research under the "Next Generation Communication (V2X)" concept


          Prince of Songkla University (PSU) has been entrusted by both the government and private sector in relation to the policy and development of Smart City with Internet of Things Technology (IoT) and Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (Al), in order to develop modern city sustainability. In order to achieve this goal, PSU relies on the fruitful cooperation and support of the industry sector, particularly of AIS Company, which supports a new network connectivity technology called NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT).

          The Electric Vehicle (EV) autonomous car is the product of joint research between PSU and AIS. The Digital Research and Innovation Institute, PSU Research and Development Office, foresees the world-changing opportunity, and therefore continuously researches and develops intelligent technology such as the EV autonomous car, under the concept of next-generation communication, also known as V2X (vehicle to everything). Such innovations signify that Thailand’s technological advances have made a significant leap forward in this direction.

          The key to this technology’s success is the high-speed, high-bandwidth 4G connectivity offered by AIS, making communication efficiency high enough for the car to be able to quickly communicate with various sources on the road. As a result, autonomous driving can be achieved in a controlled manner. As an added benefit, the likelihood is significant that this research and development will serve as a model and a guide to take advantage of 5G that is going to be available in Thailand in the foreseeable future.



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